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Translation | 翻译

Accurate, precise, and empathetic.


Acupuncture old book
Services | 服务
Chinese to English translation of both academic and creative writing.

Fees | 费用
  • .08 CAD per Chinese character in the original piece.

8 加分每汉字。

  • Supplementary research, 25 CAD/hour. See below.

按英语学术规范修改文章,每小时 25 加元,见下。

  • Estimate provided prior to commencing. See below.


Specialties | 专长

  • Languages translated include Mandarin and literary Chinese, Classical Chinese and Manchu.


  • Translation specialties include academic publications in the humanities and historical fiction. My translation experience ranges from ancient and medieval Chinese history to 20th-century history. 


Explanation of Fees | 费用详解

  • For academic papers, I endeavour to cite sources as required by the target publication. If significant research is required to find sources which the author has cited incompletely or inaccurately, research time is charged by the hour (25/hr).


  • Prior to commencing translation, an estimate of the combined costs of translation and any necessary research and editorial services will be provided based on the original document provided by the author.


  • Deadlines will also be negotiated with the author prior to commencing translation work.


Contact | 联络

Thanks for submitting!

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