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Publications, syllabi, and list of translations.

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Academic Publications |


“The Reader’s Body in Statecraft Texts of Seventeenth-Century Chinese Statecraft Texts: Disorderly Books Ordering Unruly Techniques.” Nuncius 35 (2020), 561–605.

On the importance of the material page to portraying bodily movement. Full text here.

"The Book Multiple: Treatise on Military Preparedness (1621) and Encyclopedic Practice in Seventeenth-Century China." PhD, diss., University of British Columbia, 2019.

A close analysis of the production and afterlife of a Chinese military encyclopedia from 1621. Defended September 27, 2019. Full text here.

Syllabi | 教学大纲

Majors' seminar examining the global history of media, books, and archives from the medieval period to the present. Students completed thematically appropriate proposals for advanced undergraduate thesis projects.

400-level course introducing histories of Chinese, Ayurvedic, and North American Indigenous ideas about health and medicine from ancient times to present. Students learned to critique problematic narratives about non-Western medicines in contemporary popular culture based on their new knowledge of nuanced regional histories.​

Translated Works | 翻译著作

  • Zhou Weichi, 2017, "Questions Regarding the Bifurcation of Augustine’s Theory of Imago Dei in China."  

  • 周伟驰,2017年, “古斯丁复形说的东传及其问题”。

  • Zhou Weichi, "The Translation and Introduction of Augustine in the Republican Period."

  • 周伟驰,2018年,“民国时期对奥古斯丁的译介”。

  • Chang Chia-feng (張嘉鳳), "The Book of Changes, Medicine, and Neo-Confucianism: The Gate of Life and Theories of the Origins of the Body in the Jin, Yuan, and Ming Periods."

  • Academic article. Yearbook of Chinese Theology, Brill, forthcoming. Submitted to the author, August 2018.​

    • 10,439 words



  • Talk delivered in Germany, April 2019. Submitted to the author, March 2019. ​

    • 11,586 words

  • Six academic articles in "May Fourth After One Hundred Years," edited by Prof. Hon Tze Ki (City University of Hong Kong). Special Issue, Contemporary Chinese Thought 50, no. 1–2 (2019).

Duan Lian, "Yardsticks of Civilization, Perceptions of theWorld, and the Legitimacy of Revolution: The Evolution of the Thought of Li Dazhao in the May Fourth Period."


10,940 words

Luo Zhitian, "Bringing “Tianxia” Back into the Historical Narrative: Looking at May Fourth from a Different Angle."


16,103 words

Li Yuyang, "The Meaning and Cognitive Value of the History of Interpretations of  'May Fourth:' Interpretations of 'May Fourth' by Mainland Chinese Scholars in Beijing and Shanghai in 1989."


8,019 words

Chen Xueran, "In between the National and the Local: Hong Kong’s May Fourth."


5,702 words

Zhang Qing, "The Expansion of the New Culture Movement and its Mechanisms of Influence."


3,215 words

Xu Jilin, "A Cycle of Reincarnation:'The Vicious Circle of May Fourth.'"


2,537 words

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