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North Carolinian transplant to Vancouver, BC. I came for a PhD in the history of China in 2011, and stayed after I graduated (2019). I wrote a dissertation about 17th-century Chinese military encyclopedias. I also worked as a freelance translator, and, in 2020, taught two courses at the University of British Columbia.

My training led me to care deeply about the power of historical and imaginary narratives to transform the way humans think about each other.  I seek opportunities to facilitate multimedia projects committed to accessibility regardless of age, ability, or linguistic background.

My hobbies include social dancing, books, movies, and TV, especially the fantastical and comical written by #OwnVoices authors. I have been known to talk to animals more than is  socially acceptable. If you give me a research rabbit hole, I will probably dive down it, then come back with a formal summary.


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