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Editing | 编辑校对

Accurate, precise, and empathetic.


Services | 服务
  • Initial Video Consult (1 hour) ​初次视频磋商
  • First Drafts 初稿
  • Subsequent Drafts 修改稿
  • Subsequent Video Conferences 进一步视频磋商
  • Final Drafts 定稿校对
Fees | 费用
  • Free                  免费

  • 25 CAD/hour    每小时25加元

  • 25 CAD/hour    每小时25加元

  • 25 CAD/hour    每小时25加元

  • 25 CAD/hour    每小时25加元

Details | 详解

  • Initial Video Consult (Free)
    Free one-hour video consult after I have read the piece and provided an initial estimate via email.
    Finalizes my understanding of your goals for the project.

  • 初次视频磋商 (免费)


  • First Drafts (Approx. 500 words/hour)
    First drafts require substantive editorial changes.
    Potential changes include: corrections of syntax, style, overall organization, format, or clarity to best communicate the author’s intent.

  • 初稿(每小约500个英文词)


  • Subsequent Drafts (Approx. 1000 words/hour)

Second drafts are those that I have already seen as first drafts, but the author wishes to revisit for a second round of substantive editing.

  • 修改稿 (每小时约1000个英文词)


  • Subsequent Video Conferences (25 CAD/hour)

When the author has questions they feel cannot be addressed by sending a second draft, I will edit as we discuss the difficult sections via video chat.

  • 进一步视频磋商 (每小时25 加元)    


  • Final Drafts (Approx. 1000 words/hour)

Minor clarifying suggestions.

Proofreading according to target publication standards.

  • 定稿校对(每小时约1000个英文词)



Contact | 联络

Thanks for submitting!

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